More positive thinking

As mentioned in other posts, I got married to my best friend of 15 years in June.

I still stare at him and wonder how I got so lucky.

I am truly head over heels in love with my husband.

His family wasn’t able to make it to the wedding.

His mom passed away suddenly almost a month after the wedding.

His dad attempted suicide a month after his mothers death.

My husband is an only child.

And his family is 1500 miles away.

To say it had been rough is a gross understatement.

Add my health issues…and I don’t know how he deals with it.

The positive? I’m not able to work due to the sarcoid.  I’m able to be home with him. I was here when he returned home after a month up north dealing with the aftermath of his moms passing and his dads issues.

I was able to give him my undivided attention, to listen, to be here and offer support.

What doesnt kill you makes you stronger…we have been married three months and by our six month anniversary we should be as strong as kevlar.


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