Poly Tics (many blood sucking insects)

A disclaimer here:  I didn’t meet the deadline to get my voter registration in to the county in time for this election.  So my opinion basically doesn’t count.  I was going to go third party anyway.  I have been told that both equal the same anyway.

I find a few things attractive about Obamacare, and I have not actually read the bill, just things I have heard.  Of course, from a job security point of view, having a job for the rest of my life is appealing.  And I’m honestly scared with the pre-existing conditions thing.  Cause I’m screwed if any insurance plan tries to use that against me.  Also I’m on the verge of losing my coverage if my employer decides my physician restrictions on activity do not fit their demands for my position.

If you hear some conservatives tell it, namely people in my family, people who don’t have jobs or don’t have jobs that come with insurance, made poor decisions in their life and they get what they deserve.

What about me?  A more than likely genetically based autoimmune disease on top of another quasi genetically linked neuromuscular syndrome.  I’m not fortunate enough to have a husband with a job that provides insurance.  We are lucky that he has a job.

I make it a rule not to discuss politics with my family.  We just end up yelling.  My politics started to change when I got sick. When I started realizing how difficult it is in the “real” world, outside of mommy and daddy.  It was cemented in this last job when I started to work with the truly impoverished, people that lived in storage sheds next to the highway, the undocumented.  Amazing what people go through that a certain segment of our society has no clue about.

I may end up being part of the 47% soon.  We are more than struggling to make ends meet.  I have yet to get a short term disability payment from a program that I have paid in to through my employer.  Can you say “red tape”? I’m not sure on what my odds are on getting unemployment if I cannot return to my former position based on health.

My other thought on politics involves my uterus.  It is my opinion that those without the parts shouldn’t have a say with what to do with them.  Currently in my state, if I should elect to end a pregnancy, if medically necessary (as with  my health) or for “birth control” (that is such a myth) I would have to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound and be forced to look at the image and listen to the heart beat if present.  I’m sure the men who created and voted on this law have never had to undergo anything this uncomfortable and invasive unless they have bladder issues.

Think of that word, “transvaginal”.  Because early pregnancy cannot be effectively seen by traditional abdominal ultrasound (because it is a bundle of cells!!!), they use a phallic type probe that is inserted into the vagina in order to confirm pregnancy and determine gestational age of pregnancy. Most women know by 8 weeks if they are pregnant (don’t count the idiots on “I didn’t know I was pregnant”).  The heartbeat of a fetus can’t be determined until around 10 weeks.

I wish that every politician, upon election, would be forced to take a basic course in human biology before being allowed to run their mouths about human reproduction.  But it won’t matter.  They will believe what they want to believe and claim that scientific evidence is “faked” or “doctored”.

It is so difficult being a medical person in 2012, knowing how the human body works, also being a survivor and reading about our politicians, the people who make the laws that govern the rest of us, stating that a women can’t get pregnant during an act of “legitimate” rape because the female body “knows how to shut that whole thing down”.

Someone who sponsored a bill with this “legitimate rape” bullshit in it is now running for veep.  Are you kidding me?  And for prez his stance (today at least) is abortion only in case of rape or incest.  So what kind of proof do you need to prove it is rape or incest?  A police report?  Many women do not report their attacks for fear of reprisal or because they just want to “forget about it” and do not want to face their attacker in court.  If it is incest, good luck in reporting that one.  What if they live with their attacker and rely on them for room and board?

This subject is making me ill.  Again.



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