Lysol bath anyone??

Apparently my immune system is in the toilet.

I have a cold virus, probably contracted from my little five year old germ factory who attends that petri dish known as kindergarten.

Whereas a usual cold virus would usually resolve for me in 2 or 3 days, I’m at day 5 right now.  Gotta love the steroids and chemotherapy.

I have also developed an interesting and insanely itchy rash on my abdomen.  Doc thinks its fungal and again related to my low immunity.  My usual defenses against such things developing is low to nonexistent, so I am left with other lifeforms flourishing on my skin.  At least it isn’t that nasty flesh-eating bacteria.

So between my husband, who works with the public, and my little germ factory, I’m thinking of building a Lysol shower on my porch.  Because me nagging about hand washing apparently isn’t enough.

Or I can live in a bubble.  Like the Bubble Boy on Seinfeld.  Because getting sick while you are already sick really sucks.

On another note…the little germ factory is having her tonsils out and ear tubes put in next week.  Should help with the frequent infections she gets year round.  My poor husband.  Instead of taking care of one whining princess next weekend, he’ll have two.  Where can I nominate him for sainthood?

I have no energy to write a longer blog today.

Ick.  I hope I feel better soon.  This is awful.