Sunshine the social butterfly


Sunshine went back to school today. She begged to go back to school because today is library day and she gets to pick out a new book. That’s my girl.

Her school encourages parents to come and visit for lunch. So I brought lunch to her today. And my child is ever the social butterfly. With a bit of class clown mixed in for good measure.

I was trying to get her to eat and drink, but she was waving and calling out to her friends. Of all grades. I saw her calling out to a girl who was much older than her, I asked her “how do you know her?” She shrugged, “she’s my friend”.

She went up to take her trash to the trash can, took the child 5 minutes as she was stopped continuously, “Hey Sunshine, make me laugh!”, “Sunshine, show me that face you made again!” “Hi Sunshine!”. She was hi-fiving people, doing secret handshakes, hugging people. Wow.

Sunshine did not inherit this gregarious behavior from myself nor from her sperm donor. Perhaps from her Uncle (my brother) who was ever the class clown and Mr. Popularity. I was shy and very quiet in crowds. I came out of my shell with extremely close friends and I can be that way even today. Her sperm donor (I will not dignify him with the title of “father” at this point, that’s another post for another day) was extremely shy as a child and “angry quiet” as an adult.

In terms of modeling behavior, her grandma is extremely outgoing. Her bonus daddy can be outgoing as well.  He is also hilarious and attempts to be a comedian, although most of his comedy is rated R.

But Sunshine is Sunshine, it doesn’t have to be inherited or modeled.  Its just who she is.  And I love it.  I enjoy watching her interact with other children.  And she is friends with everyone.  Autistic children, biracial children, older children, younger children, children that don’t speak English (that is interesting to watch), boys, girls, it doesn’t matter.  If they want to play and they are nice, she will be their friend.

I am so proud of her for that.  We have never had any prejudices in this household or in my parent’s house.  She does recognize that my skin is darker than hers, and that my father’s skin is darker than everyone’s, but she has never said anything about it being bad or that we are inferior.  That is taught, not inherit in DNA.

Again, Sunshine is the shining beacon in my life.  I am so blessed to be her mother.  I continually say, especially in light of the anger I have toward her sperm donor, that the best thing that could have come of that marriage is her.  I would do it all over again just to create her.

I am so glad that she is providing Sunshine in the lives of others.  She has the ability to bring a smile to the face of everyone she meets.  That warms my soul.  I am so blessed to be her mother.

That is my positive thought…nearly always…my Sunshine.


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