The second opinion..

I finally had my appointment with my aunt’s rheumatologist.  He has been her doc for 20+ years.  He has also been the doc of a family friend for years as well.  Both of these ladies have RA, my aunt also has lupus.

It’s tricky doing the second opinion thing.  I still like my current rheumatologist, she is friendly, thorough, her office is close to my apartment.  I just want to make sure all bases are covered.  I want to make sure that this is what it is, as other physicians have come to different conclusions as to my diagnosis.  I also want to make sure that methotrexate is the best plan of care.

I should write out my entire medical history and just hand it to doctors instead of trying to remember all of this shit.  If it wasn’t for my husband, I would have left out significant parts of my history.  Sometimes I forget what I’ve been through the last seven years.  C.diff, dx with fibro, massive ear infections, now this saga.

All I want is answers.  Exactly what is going on with my immune system and a better plan of care that doesn’t leave me feeling like crap.

Yes, my main complaint that drove me to seek care is resolving.  My eyes have substantially improved.  But I am unable to work as a nurse.  The brain fog, word finding issues, stuttering, fatigue and increased pain have made working as I used to extremely difficult.

The pain.  Oh the pain.  It has significantly increased in the past two weeks.  Knees, hips, wrists, fingers.  Low back for the past two days.  I did figure out it was my new (to me) couch.  One of the couches has a recliner built in.  When I lie down length wise, the mechanism for the recliner lines up perfectly with my lower back.  I was in agony yesterday.

Better today.  Only sore.

So after a lengthy discussion over my colorful health history, the new doc ordered labs and said that I should continue with my meds until he has further information.

I guess that is all I can hope for right now.

My husband made a good point during the lengthy discussion.  I never seem to heal completely after a blow to my body. Each battle with an infection or injury has stayed with me or weakened me significantly.  The c.diff nearly killed me.  I have never been the same since.  Last year I had a concussion.  I still have vertigo.  My ear drum ruptured from an infection last year.  Added to the vertigo.

Agh!  I need to quit thinking about this.


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