Winter is not my friend

Yes, I know, Texas doesn’t have a real “winter”.

Growing up in Pittsburgh for 25 years, I am acquainted with real “winter”, and that is why I despise it.

I know people with autoimmune, chronic pain, osteopathic conditions are usually cold intolerant.  And I am no different.

I guess it began in high school.  I went to school in a “modern” building with a closed in plan.  It was build in 1970.  Basically, no windows except for these 1 foot in width, floor to ceiling “windows” that could be tilted to “open”.  The walls were cinder block.  The heat regulation in that building was terrible.  I remember wearing my winter coat, gloves and a hat in class.  Sometimes you could even see your breath.  In chemistry class we would light the Bunsen burners for added heat. On other days it would be a tropical jungle, although those days were few and far between.  We would complain to the office, but they would say that they couldn’t do anything about it.

We also had to take swimming class.  In winter.  In that building.  I wonder if my gym teacher ever looked into the veracity of my excuses of having my period, everyday, for a month.

The house I grew up in was very old, build at the turn of the 20th century.  Very poor insulation and drafty.  So I am well acquainted with freezing all winter.

I remember visiting Texas once December.  I was flabbergasted that my cousins were wearing shorts one day.  In December.  Completely foreign to me.  In Pittsburgh, all shorts, short sleeves, bathing suits (unless you were doomed for gym class) were packed away in September.  But apparently in central Texas, you can pull those out year round!

In my late teens, early 20s I noticed the cold intolerance thing getting worse.  Even out of high school, I was always cold.  Its just the way I was.  I always needed an extra blanket on the bed, warm socks, warm pjs.  And I do get this way in the summer too, if the a/c is blasting.

What does it actually do?  It makes me hurt more.  My joints ache.  They are stiff and sore.  I’m slower.  My feet and hands and fingers won’t work properly.  It normally takes me awhile to get warmed up anyway, so if I do go out, I have to come in and get under blankets to physically warm my body and joints.

So with my diagnoses, my history, I have been miserable the past few days.  Yesterday had a low of 25 and a high of 59 (that is in *F).  Ick.

My husband loves it.  Says its “invigorating”.  Right.  If you’re a polar bear.  Give me my snuggie.

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