The apocalypse is nigh…

Right now, there is a doggie sweater fashion show on ABC.  That is how you know the world is ending…

I really don’t believe this 12-21-12 Mayan prophesy thing.  The end of the world has been predicted thousands of times by religious zealots over the last few centuries.  But who knows?

If the world does end tomorrow, I will have no regrets.  I married my best friend.  I have an amazing daughter.  I am truly happy when it comes down to it.  Yes, we are struggling.  Yes, I have extreme health issues right now.  But day to day, I wake up happy.  I go to sleep (when I can), happy.

I am the person I always wanted to be.  I am strong, independent.  I have been through so much in 30 years on this earth and I have come through it fortified to take on more.  I can offer comfort and solace to friends in need.  I am educated, when I was working, I excelled in my profession.  I am a good mom.  My baby girl is growing up to also be strong and independent.

I have grown out of the traits I didn’t like in myself when I was younger.  I am no longer as dramatic as I used to be.  No longer as selfish, thanks to the arrival of my daughter.  I am more at peace.  I can calmly look at a situation, examine it, take it in, mull it over, and then make a rational decision rather than react in a knee-jerk fashion.

I’m not perfect, but thanks to my husband and daughter, I try to be the best person I can be.  And that’s all I can ask for.

So if the world does end tomorrow, I’ll be happy, at peace, in love.


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