“Easy Bake Oven” is a misnomer

Sunshine is six.  Topping her Christmas list this year was an “Easy Bake Oven”.

The results

The results

Here is some background:  prior to this illness keeping me tethered to my apartment, I didn’t know how to cook.  My entire cooking skills consisted of pressing buttons on the microwave.  Yes, I’m smart, yes, I’m 30.  But growing up, my feminist mother insisted that I be educated and focus on “learning how to feed my face, so that if you marry an asshole, you can leave him and still take care of your kids”.  And that is exactly what happened.  And I was able to do so.

As a child, I had no interest in baking, cooking, etc.  I never wanted an Easy Bake Oven.  I didn’t even like Barbies too much, come to think of it.  I liked science and books.

Ok, back to Sunshine.  Since I have been sick and bored and needing to keep my brain occupied, I have been baking.  And cooking.  And Sunshine has been helping.  Prompting this “Easy Bake” fiasco.

So Santa saw to it that she received it, despite the fact that it is clearly labeled for those ages “8 and up”.  And despite a lengthy conversation that I had with Santa discussing the pros and cons of spending the money on such a device, when it would be better spend on REAL baking items that she can make REAL food with (i.e. more cookie cutters, bowels, cooling rack).

At 6:30 this morning, I heard a tiny voice “Mama, can we make cookies in my Easy Bake Oven?”

Let the fun begin.  The oven comes with cookie mix, cupcake mix, frosting mix and rainbow sprinkles.  It needs to preheat for 20 minutes.  To make the “dough” it is just a teaspoon of water with the mix.  And it turns into this thick, pasty goo that mostly ends up on your hands instead of shaped into perfect little balls as pictured in the directions.  Sunshine managed to spill the first tray of cookies on the floor, so we were left with the cupcakes.

The cupcake batter was stickier than the cookie batter, but less granular, and it had the little cupcake shaped tin with it that you could smear the batter into.  After shoving the pan into the oven with the little device, it was another 10 minutes to bake, and another 5 to cool.  There is no timer on the actual oven, and Sunshine kept on leaving the procedure to play with her Barbies.

Then the frosting.  And the sprinkles.

Oh, and use copious amounts of cooking spray.  I had to chisel the cupcakes out of the tin with a butter knife.

Oh and red velvet batter now covers the inside and outside of the oven.

But they were edible, Sunshine was pleased, and even though it was mainly me doing all the “baking”, she had a ball.

Now to shell out more money to make more cookies and cupcakes…


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