13 is my lucky number


Thirteen is my lucky number.  I hope this is my lucky year.

Nothing can top getting married last summer.  But finding a nursing job I can do from home on a part time basis would be pretty fantastic right now.  I’m hoping I just come across someone that will pay me for my 10 years of experience in a health coach or health adviser role that I can do from home.

Leaving the house is problematic for me.  Fatigue, fog, pain.  I try and try and always the same result.  I come home and crash for hours.  I am terrified of interviewing for a new job.  I can’t keep what I am going through under wraps.  I physically LOOK ill, my face is swollen, one eyelid is drooping (probably a product of eye injections).  Sometimes I can’t concentrate to save my life, and I end up asking people to repeat themselves.  Its very difficult at times.

I at least looked at job listings today.  Enough to rule out most of them.

I do plan on trying other things health wise to clear the brain fog and fatigue.  I took a “detox” bath today.  I made my husband try it first a few days ago when he was getting rid of a cold.  Its just everyday ingredients added to a bath to make you sweat more.  He survived so I gave it a whirl today.  It wasn’t as I expected, my husband sweated way more than I did.  But just being in warm water helps with the pain.  I feel a little more fatigued, but it said that could be expected.  We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Next step?  Try to get back on some herbals.  I know that inflammation is my enemy, and I plan on looking into things that are proven to decrease inflammation.

So two days into the New Year and I haven’t miserably failed with my “goals”.  Yay!

I’ll take the small victories.



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