Anyone need a nurse?

Let the job hunt begin.

I recently resigned my position as a RN case manager for a wonderful hospice company here in Austin.  It literally broke my heart to resign.  I truly loved my job, the people, the support offered.  I miss my patients.  But, physically, I cannot perform to their expectations.  I cannot drive 100+ miles per day and handle a caseload of 14+ patients in a rural/economically depressed area.

So I am now looking for the perfect job (if it exists) that has enough flexibility to allow me to continue my medical treatment (chemo).

I am being honest with employers.  I have some limitations, mostly physical.  It wouldn’t be fair to apply for a job that I know I can’t perform.

I’m concentrating on work-from-home jobs.  Nurse triage specifically.  I have no experience with insurance, although I’m willing to learn.

I have been a nurse for nearly 10 years, in many many many different areas of expertise.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.  If anyone has experience executing a job search while chronically ill, I’m interested in your input as well.

I need to generate some sort of income or we will be evicted.  Its that bad.

Thank you!


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