Have I mentioned recently how much I hate this disease??

There might be some ick factor here, but if anyone has suggestions on what it could be or what I could do, it would be helpful.

Apparently the methotrexate (at a less than optimal dosage), is lowering my immune system so much that I am breaking out with rashes.

I have tried baking soda (detox) baths, benadryl, using antifungal lotion, hydrocortisone cream.  And I’m on day 8 of this.

When I was pregnant, I had a horrible, horrible PUPP rash.  I still don’t understand the exact mechanisms, but it strikes later in pregnancy and it is maddening.

This rash is kind of similar.  I am running the risk of infecting my skin because I’m itching so bad.  I’m half tempted to do the “mitten” thing so that I can’t scratch it.

I finally broke down and called the doctor today.  Once I finally get disability money (from my employer), I can actually pay for a visit.  So I made one for next week when I hopefully will have said money.

I did ask the doc to call in fluconazole.  I needed three doses of that shit last fall to clear my skin.  Hopefully she will call it in and I don’t have to wait.

On one blog I read, the blogger broke out with a similar rash after eating increased amounts of sugar.  I hope that is not the case.  Because if it is, I will be itching for a long time.

The prednisone cravings kill me.  I just have this insatiable need to eat cookies, ice cream, cake.  I have been trying to curb it by not baking more cookies.  But then Sunshine had to become a Daisy scout, and now I have unlimited access to thousands of cookies.

Right now, the typing is keeping my hands busy and stopping me from scratching.

I also found out that I should no longer drive at night.  The hard way.  I spent some time at my parents’ house the other day.  I didn’t leave until 9 or so.  The ride home was quite interesting.

I can only see the middle of the road at night…the only parts where my headlights hit.  And I live in Texas, which apparently doesn’t like to make light poles.  I seriously thought about pulling over and calling someone.  And it was only a 10 minute drive, if that.

I don’t like driving in general anymore.  Muscle pain, fatigue, it constantly feels like I’m driving without power steering.  And the eye stuff just freaks me out even more.

I did find a facebook page for “pars planitis” which is now the official name of what I have.  It is a small group, because this shit is really rare.  I did get some feedback on the night driving thing in that others have this complaint, and it seems to be permanent.  Fantastic.

I see two docs next week.  I plan on researching this eye thing even more so I have educated questions to ask each of them when I go.

Even though I’m a nurse, I suffer from temporary amnesia when going to the doctors.  I have no clue why this happens.  I could advocate for a patient and correctly convey to the doc what was going on with them, but with myself, I just go blank.  I’ll blame the brain fog and chemo for this.  My husband has gone to appointments with me and pretty much has had to prompt me through the assessment.  I am so glad he has an impeccable memory.

So…back to the doctors next week (once money permits).  I am really starting to get nervous that my eyes haven’t cleared yet in the past seven months.  And that I am having such a hard time with methotrexate.



5 thoughts on “ICK!!

  1. I slept with socks on my hands last time I had an itching issue and thought it helped. At night, I had been doing a lot of damage scratching. Could you put a topical analgesic on it to help numb it a little? For me, the numbing was a Godsend. It didn’t completely take away the itch, but enough that I could resist from scratching. I also used vitamin E oil to help the irritated skin heal from the damage scratching had done. That helped a TON. It seemed like the medicine worked better when my body wasn’t having to also heal the skin in the area. I hope you find relief! Being itchy is no fun.

  2. P.S. I found regular topical analgesic really burned and did more bad than good from all of the irritation in the area, but topical analgesic intended for lady parts (Vagisil), didn’t burn and did the job.

    • Thank you!! I’ll have to look into that. I have a huge gash caused by scratching that doesn’t look too healthy. I’ve cut down my nails, but I still do damage in my sleep. Thanks for the input!

  3. Hi! I get rashes and eczema from autoimmune disease, and while steroid cream helps, I don’t want to use it every 2-3 days for the foreseeable future. The cheapest and easiest option I’ve found so far is to take an oatmeal bath (like kids do for chicken pox) and then use the best quality honey I can find (antimicrobial and used in a lot of eczema creams) as a topical treatment on rashy spots. And if it doesn’t work, at least you have breakfast sorted! 😉
    Best of luck.

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