Blog Awards

A blog award!!

Jackie, one of my kindred spirits in invisible illness, nominated me for the Versatile blogger award. It is wonderful to know that people are actually reading what I write. Jackie has also given me several tips on my own health situation and how to survive something like this. Read her blog here

The rules are thus: Pick 15 blogs to award. Then list 7 interesting facts about yourself.  I’m not sure I will quite get to 15 but here goes:

Seven interesting facts about myself:

I am a huge huge sports fan.  I might have made a post about this before, but I love sports.  In this order:  Hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins), Football (Steelers), baseball (Phillies).  I even like watching rugby.

My husband and I like rival hockey teams.  He loves the Flyers (for some reason only know to him).  And as mentioned above, I love the Pens.  It gets interesting in our house when they are playing each other.  I feel for the neighbors.

I am crafty.  I made the bouquets for my wedding.

I am a good friend.  I have been friends with my best friend for 22 years now.  We still pick up wherever we left off, even if its a month since we talked.  And she was the only one from my hometown to come to my wedding.

I actually like to cook, now that I have finally learned, and I love making dinner for my husband.

I make awesome cookies.

I love raunchy stand up comedy.  My husband hooked me on this when we got together.

So there you have it!