Amazing Sunshine

freeimage-3227853Sunshine has been on a roll.

Wednesday she was named “Daisy of the week” for her good behavior at her Daisy meeting.

Thursday she took 2nd place in the science fair (I guess the judges noted that she did the vast majority of it by herself).

Friday she was named “Brilliant Brave”, which is basically a “student of the week” thing.

I am so proud of my little dynamo.

She is learning that her hard work does pay off.  That good behavior yields positive results.

And the best thing?  When I was talking to her teacher at length during the science fair, she mentioned something that Sunshine said this week.  Her teacher knows the situation with Sunshine’s dad.  Apparently one day last week Sunshine started talking about him.  She said “my daddy doesn’t call me anymore, but that is his problem.  It has nothing to do with me.  It is not my fault”.

I loved hearing that.  It means that we are getting through to her.  That she understands that it is his problem and most definitely not her.

Where did I get such an intelligent, smart, well-adjusted child?