Good news!

© Dawnbal1 | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Dawnbal1 | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

Wow.  This week has been pretty awesome.  Taking the new med before I take  methotrexate is definitely helping things.  Leucovorin is a type of folic acid that counteracts the damage caused by the chemo.  I am thrilled that the doc put me on this one.  If I have to take cell destroying chemo to save my sight, at least the side effects can be minimized.

I worked out three times this week.  30 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of stretching (sometimes twice a day), and some strength training for my arms.  Although I really pushed it yesterday and my arms are sore, its a “good” sore.

I have been logging my food via a health tracking app all week.  I’m doing reasonably well.  I have been eating more fruits and vegetables (even though I HATE vegetables), and I haven’t been snacking too much.  And I’m basically only drinking water at this point.

Yes, I am still having methotrexate side effects, mainly the “leaded limbs” and fatigue.  It is still difficult for me to change position, and the muscle soreness doesn’t help.  But overall I feel about 50% better than last week.  And about 100% better than the week before.

I will call that progress.

I’m actually looking at going back to work.  Not my former position, that job was hard enough when I was healthy.  It also has a high rate of burnout.  But I found a company that does biometric screenings for corporations.  I can pick and choose how and when I work.  I am not obligated to fill a certain number of hours.  This seems like an ideal place to start my reemergence into the health care field.

And Sunshine is doing better.  Right now, she is entertaining one of her friends by telling her jokes.  I love the sound of Sunshine’s laughter.  She has befriended a painfully shy little girl in our apartment complex.  I didn’t know until today that this child could speak, and she has been over to my house a number of times.  It makes me so happy to see Sunshine being a good friend.

The situation with her sperm donor hasn’t improved, and I have talked to her school counselor.  They actually have a “support group” in her school for children of divorce.  It is sad that it is even needed for children so young.

I also made an appointment for Sunshine to see a child psychologist.  I have no idea what she is going through, and even though I have my own issues with her “father”, I have can’t imagine her feelings about this situation.  I just do the best I can.  I tell her that she is loved and that it is not her fault.  She seems to understand that.

Overall, I’m doing well at this point in time.  Finally.


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