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Wow.  I am in some pain.

I asked my husband to go with me to the gym yesterday to show me how to not kill myself when working out.

He goes to a boxing gym, and has been taking high-intensity, boxer-centered classes for the last year.  He goes to his gym at least four times a week.

Maybe that was my mistake.

He was showing me how to do lunges and squats and I realized I am insanely weak.  Eight months of steroids has taken a toll on my body.  Not that I was Ms. Muscle to begin with, but I noticed a significant difference.

And then after discussing these exercise plans of mine with my dad, he got upset and said “you are on steroids, you are going to snap a tendon”.

Fantastic.  So I looked it up, and even though I knew that muscle atrophy was a complication of long term steroids, I wasn’t aware that there were actual cases of tendon rupture.

And today I woke up in immense pain in my legs.  I don’t think that I ruptured anything (or I probably wouldn’t be walking), but I have been in immense pain all day.  Nothing is helping it.  Not stretching, not a hot bath, not meds.

I have an email into a friend of mine that is a personal trainer, and hopefully he can help me out.  I do plan on going to the gym tomorrow (granted that I can walk) and doing the cardio.

I guess overall I have to go VERY VERY slowly.  Not everyday, and work up to more intensity.

Anyone out there know any websites I can visit about exercise and steroids?  The only sites I’ve been able to find only confirm what I already know.  I’m looking for some specific, gentle exercises that won’t kill me and won’t “snap a tendon”.