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Wow.  I am in some pain.

I asked my husband to go with me to the gym yesterday to show me how to not kill myself when working out.

He goes to a boxing gym, and has been taking high-intensity, boxer-centered classes for the last year.  He goes to his gym at least four times a week.

Maybe that was my mistake.

He was showing me how to do lunges and squats and I realized I am insanely weak.  Eight months of steroids has taken a toll on my body.  Not that I was Ms. Muscle to begin with, but I noticed a significant difference.

And then after discussing these exercise plans of mine with my dad, he got upset and said “you are on steroids, you are going to snap a tendon”.

Fantastic.  So I looked it up, and even though I knew that muscle atrophy was a complication of long term steroids, I wasn’t aware that there were actual cases of tendon rupture.

And today I woke up in immense pain in my legs.  I don’t think that I ruptured anything (or I probably wouldn’t be walking), but I have been in immense pain all day.  Nothing is helping it.  Not stretching, not a hot bath, not meds.

I have an email into a friend of mine that is a personal trainer, and hopefully he can help me out.  I do plan on going to the gym tomorrow (granted that I can walk) and doing the cardio.

I guess overall I have to go VERY VERY slowly.  Not everyday, and work up to more intensity.

Anyone out there know any websites I can visit about exercise and steroids?  The only sites I’ve been able to find only confirm what I already know.  I’m looking for some specific, gentle exercises that won’t kill me and won’t “snap a tendon”.


3 thoughts on “Ow!!

  1. Hey lady, I have not commented in a while but I’ve been following your journey. I’m so happy to read that you are seeing some improvement and are able to start exercising again! I am an avid weight lifter (less now then before uveitis). I’ve overdone it more times then I can count and then spend a week straight hobbling around and feeling pathetic. The BEST thing I’ve found when I kill my legs via squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc is an ice bath. Yeah, it sounds miserable, I know. Warm and hot baths will make the muscle swelling worse, though. I stop by the convenience store and grab a big party bag of ice. Fill the tub with enough cold water to cover my legs, add half or all the ice, put on a big sweater to keep my top half warm and then sit in there for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s a rough few minutes but the ice bath really gets the swelling down so your muscles can start to heal sooner. I always feel immense relief the next day and it is a drug-sparing treatment!

    As for safe workouts, I have been lucky and avoided oral prednisone. I am pregnant now, however, and have had to significantly alter my workouts (I avoid they gym specifically because I know I’ll overdo it!). I’ve been really enjoying prental pilates workout videos online and some 10 minute prenatal strength training videos on Fit Sugar. Might sound silly to do prenatal when not pregnant, but the exercises are simple, gentle and would give you a basis with which to build your own workout routine. In about two months time I’ve started to see an improvement in my body and am pleased to greet some leg and arm muscles every morning in the mirror!

    • I’ll give the ice a try. I used to have cold intolerance until I started methotrexate…now I’m hot all the time. Thank you for the tips. I really appreciate it…

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