Thank you Big Pharma!!

Yes, it really does work.

When I lost my insurance coverage at the end of November, I tapered myself off some of the medications that are outrageously expensive. The big ones being Lyrica and Treximet. I thought, perhaps, I might do better off the medication. And that was a bad idea.

Drug viles containing money

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Apparently, I need these medications.

In the past, I have done a “drug holiday” from some substances, namely when my former husband removed me from his health insurance a few months before the agreed termination date. That was a nice wake up call.

So I was familiar with how much money these medication actually cost. At that time, I was able to get some medication assistance from a local charity.

This time, I looked into the prescription assistance programs advertised online. In particular, I went to PPARX.

I just typed in the medications that I am having difficulty obtaining (Lyrica, Topamax, Treximet) and some basic information and their search engine found several programs I could apply to. Filling out the forms online also helped me with hand cramps.

After making copies of my financial information and obtaining a new prescription (and some other paperwork for the Lyrica) I mailed the forms. Less than two weeks later, I started getting mail.

For the Treximet, Glaxo-(whatever they are calling themselves these days) sent three months worth of the medication. And considering that my migraines have increased significantly in the past few months, this delivery was very welcomed.

For Lyrica, Pfizer sent a three month supply. Directly to my door.

And the Topamax? Well, that’s the only one I haven’t been able to secure.

These programs do work. I will start back on the Lyrica tonight and maybe I can start feeling better in a few weeks.

I’m no longer worried about my next migraine. Although I monitor every headache and try to trace it back to a trigger, I no longer have to play the “ration” game. I no longer have to attempt guessing at what the head pain means. And since I get different types of headaches that can bloom into a day spent in bed, this is a wonderful development.

Migraines, for me at least, are mainly left sided…encompassing the entire left hemisphere of my head. The pain can be throbbing (including my eye, ear, skull and neck into the shoulder) or it can be one localized spear of pain, usually at the junction of the skull and neck.

Right-sided migraines are a doozy. When I start feeling that kind of “hum” on that side, I run to grab the meds. Right sided migraines have sent me to the ER on several occasions.

I used to have visual auras prior to the migraine onset. I used to see zigzags, confetti, fireworks. But since my eyes exploded last summer, I can no longer differentiate between the pars planitis and the migraine disturbances.

I am very happy that these programs exist. And that they work.