<3 Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is more than just a holiday with overpriced flowers and candy (and stuffed animals)


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Fifty some odd years ago, my father decided to make his debut on this day. Twenty five years after that, my parents decided to get married. And this morning, my cousin’s wife delivered their baby girl.

So Valentine’s Day is serious business in my family.

In a way, its easier. I don’t have to remember two other dates on the calendar. My parents made that easy on us.

I gave up years ago trying to find the Hallmark card that says: Happy Valentine’s Anniversary and birthday Dad!

So I usually get a birthday card and an anniversary card. Along with a card for Sunshine and my husband. Good thing Hallmark had a special going today.

And this year I actually have heart wrapping paper. Courtesy of my neighbor. So my Dad gets his gifts in holiday appropriate paper this year, rather than the leftover Christmas paper he usually gets.

Most years I shop way ahead of time, but since I rarely go out of the house now, I resorted to shopping today.

I joined a long line of men who were all staring at the rows and rows of Valentine’s Day cards. Most of them were well picked over (the cards, not the men). I could practically see the gears moving in their heads (the men, not the cards).

I was unable to find the elusive, all encompassing birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day card. I couldn’t even find the correct envelopes. But the ones I found should suffice.

I don’t know why cards are so meaningful. For the price of a pretty Valentine’s Day card, I could buy a book for my Kindle. For the price of a dozen roses, I could buy a ton more books (maybe even some off the bestsellers list). So I’m not too big on the material good thing for gifts.

But my husband actually likes the romance and the cards and the gifts. So I appease him.

When I was first dating my husband, he was shocked that I didn’t “demand” flowers, candies and a gift for these types of holidays. He had never been with someone that just enjoys his company.

We aren’t doing anything major. He worked all day, I volunteered at Sunshine’s school. I am making him dinner, however. This isn’t new. But I am making one of his favorite things. Something that I don’t normally eat. So that should be special.

I still prefer a night in with him either watching movies or listening to music. Or just having a wonderful conversation with him. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!!


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