Quick post

Ick.  Quick post today.  I was really productive yesterday.  Breakfast with my mom, cleaning the house, dinner with my entire family.

My reward?

I feel like crap.  I have no better way to describe it.  I feel like I have been hit by a truck.  Like someone siphoned all the energy from my body.  Completely drained and exhausted.  And it is pissing me off.

I hate the toll that this disease is taking on me.  I really can’t go out in public much because when I do so, I end up coming home and crashing.  And then feeling like ick the next day.

I’m trying to incorporate gentle exercise into my routine, and I’m able to tolerate it somewhat.

It is just frustrating.

So its a “bed day” today.

Maybe I’ll feel better later.  Just in time to take the methotrexate.  Lucky me.