Let’s play, Guess the Ailment!!

This is that game show you all know and love in which you guess what could be causing the current symptoms.

Today’s mystery:  why is Mommabel struggling to get out of bed all of a sudden?  Why is she sleeping 12-16 hours per day and waking up EXHAUSTED?  Why is she feeling this awful 5 days post methotrexate dose?

Could it be the fibromyalgia?

How about the autoimmune disease (pars planitis)?

The fairly recent initiation of blood pressure medications (two weeks ago)?

Or a side effect of the several medications she continually takes to keep from going blind?

You have 30 seconds……go!!


Thank you for playing “Guess the Ailment”.

Be sure to tune in next time where we discuss Mommabel’s pain complaints and once again play “Guess the Ailment”!!