Chronic illness doesn’t go on vacation

I am 4 days from the beach…

Ahhhh….I can’t wait.

I’m am incredibly fortunate that my mom has invited me and Sunshine to a “Mother’s-Daughter’s Weekend” to the beach with her friend and friend’s daughter.

The beach has always been restorative for me. I don’t know what it is, I wasn’t born near the beach, but for as long as I can remember, that has been my preferred vacation spot.

Living in Pittsburgh, the city on the wrong side of the state for an ocean, my family would trek to the Jersey shore, Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach (that’s in South Carolina). More of the latter rather than the former….and a full 12 hour car ride away.

Now living in Texas, the beach is 4-5 hours away. It is entirely possible to leave on a Friday night, find a hotel on the fly, and then drive back on Sunday. Not so when I was growing up.

But this time we are trying something new…Florida.

My only concern is of course, my health.

I have been able to stagger the methotrexate doses so that I won’t be injecting while on vacation, but in my poor planning (as in I just looked yesterday) I don’t have enough Lyrica. And due to the prohibitive cost, I am in the Pfizer patient assistance program. Not sure if it will be here by Wednesday. So I’m rationing the pills, going to reorder and have it delivered for while I’m gone.

I’m also concerned about medication side effects. Apparently, methotrexate increases sun sensitivity. I went to an event at Sunshine’s school two weeks ago and got burned. And I never burn. I’m Latina.

It didn’t look like a “real” burn either. More like scalded skin. It only hurt a little, and it faded in two days, but this was Texas sun in April, nor Florida sun in May.

I am bringing a TON of sunscreen, my mom is letting me borrow a hat, and I will be under an umbrella at the beach.

I’m also concerned about the drive. I’m not driving (my driving is now pretty much nonexistent these days) but I will be in the car for 8 hours. I also get horrible motion sickness, so I can’t read in the car and I’m hoping I can download some audiobooks in the next few days.

Traveling with chronic illness is like travelling with a baby.

I have to remember to pack every single medication I take daily, every medication for associated symptoms that I could possibly encounter, comfort items, etc. In addition to packing for Sunshine…

Other than that, I’m pretty excited. Looking forward to relaxation, the ocean, getting out of the house.

Next on the travel list? I will be going (going) back (back) to Pittsburgh (to Pittsburgh)…

4 thoughts on “Chronic illness doesn’t go on vacation

  1. Traveling with a baby being like traveling chronically ill is so true!! It’s the perfect analogy. I know how tight money is, and sometimes it is not that cheap (sometimes it is), but pharmacies will give you just a few pills to hold you over. It may be worth asking about and including your financial situation in your explanation. I hope you have a lovely, relaxing, restorative vacation! Loved the update

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