Financial ruin and other side effects of chronic illness

People who aren’t living with an illness that they have to manage every waking moment of every day have a difficult time understanding the plight of those who battle their issues every day.

I am fortunate to have the love and support of my family (namely my parents and father-in-law).

I can’t imagine what would be happening if they weren’t supportive.

Apparently I screwed up with my student loan payments last year (I swear I made a payment), so guess who got the $2,500+ tax return money?  Uncle Friggen Sam.

This is a serious, serious setback.  My husband is taking classes to become a certified nursing assistant.  He owes nearly $700 on it and we were counting on the tax return money to pay for it.

He currently works at a job that gives him 32 hours, but won’t pay any benefits.  He volunteers to work more, but they don’t want to pay the health insurance.

I cannot work.  At all.  I can’t drive (if I do attempt it, I drive less than a mile to the grocery store).  I applied for disability.  I am trying to eeek out some financial gain from writing for an online newspaper.  Last month I made a whopping $22.

I have been sick for 7.5 years.  For the past SEVEN years, I have not had one day without pain, without fatigue, without concern for my health.  I have been ingesting chemicals for SEVEN years just to function.

Sometimes it just wears you down.

I am following the directions of multiple physicians.  I am trying to eat better and exercise.  I applied for disability, I have enrolled in a prescription assistance program for the medications that are absolutely vital.  I receive benefits from the state for food.  What else can I do to ensure I’m not homeless?  To make sure that I don’t go completely blind?

Sorry for the morose mood, just extremely emotionally and mentally spent after the past 24 hours.

Any suggestions or donations (ha!) are appreciated…