Things I learned on vacation…



So I am back.

It was a wonderful, amazing, beautiful, relaxing, hilarious trip.  It was a ‘girls weekend’ including my mom, her friend, her friend’s daughter(who is a few years younger than me) and of course, Sunshine.

Here is what I learned:

1)  12 hours is a LONG TIME to be sitting in a car.  And a sedan, not an SUV.  Especially with Sunshine’s car seat is wedged in the middle of the backseat.

We were shoved in like sardines..

We were shoved in like sardines..

2) My motion sickness has not abated throughout the years.  I’m fine in the front seat, but the second I’m in the backseat, I want to puke.

3) Listening to the iPod for nearly the entire trip (and back) helps to alleviate #2.  I didn’t want to take any more meds that could make me even more drowsy.

4) Traveling with all women assures frequent bathroom breaks.

5) SPF 70 actually works!!  I used 30 on  my face (Neutrogena) and 70 everywhere else, and my face was the only place that looks slightly pink.  I also reapplied often and wore a lovely hat that made me feel like the “flying nun”.

6) At 50lbs overweight, men no longer look at me (and that is fantastic as far as I’m concerned.  Not the weight, but the lack of oogling).

7) It is possible to make new friends at age 31.

8) Even if the weather isn’t optimal, it is possible to have a glorious vacation.  Just being away from the daily grind and in new (beautiful) surroundings can make a difference.

9) Being “out of the loop” in terms of the media, Facebook, email is a very good thing.  Although I posted vacation pics to FB, I rarely sat down and read through the posts of others.

My "flying nun" hat..

My “flying nun” hat..

10) It is possible to have a fantastic vacation while in the midst of chronic illness.  I planned well, had all the pills, lotions, potions, drops, etc for every conceivable situation.  I didn’t need most of it, but it was good to know it was there just in case.  Also staying with two nurses (other than myself) helped as well. ** I forgot my pain meds, but by using meditation, music, distraction etc I was able to survive with only taking Tylenol)**

Next up?  A trip back to my hometown.  The first in 4 years.  The first time I will be seeing family and friends while I am **this sick**.

We are also planning another “girls weekend” for next year…


I also want to note that I did not spend one cent on this vacation.  My mom and her friend covered all costs for their daughters (and granddaughters).  I am eternally grateful that my mom decided to do this.


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