I survived Field Day 2013!!


I feel like getting a shirt with this printed on it.

It was a blast, though.  Sunshine had fun, her friends had fun, the teachers had fun.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have things like this.  I was totally blown away by all the work and effort that went in to making a wonderful day for the kids.

There was obstacle courses, bounce houses, waterslides, games, popcorn, cotton candy, bowling, water balloons, a dunk tank.  They could make jewelry, paint a mural, and get their faces painted. So much fun!

They operated on a token system.  The kids received a token or two for doing physical activities (the obstacle course) and could use the tokens to do the “fun” things, like face painting, water slides, etc.  Kids learned that they had to work for the opportunity to play.

And how the school pulls it off is amazing too.

They break the grades up (PreK, K, and 1st) have the first round.  They can play for nearly two hours. Then 2 and 3, and finally 4 and 5.

The PTA asked that parents volunteer for the time period their child was NOT participating.  So I volunteered for the 2 and 3 grade round.

I did the dunk tank.  No, I wasn’t IN the dunk tank, I just stood by and made sure that the kids behaved, and that the kid in the dunk tank was ok.  The 5th graders were also allowed to volunteer to run some of the events for the younger kids. I had several 5th graders helping me with collecting tokens, handing out the baseballs to throw at the trigger on the tank and to keep the younger kids straightened out.


The problem? I was walking around with Sunshine for two hours during her play time. I spent the next two hours on my feet at the dunk tank (and the water balloon pool).

I collapsed when I got home. I needed two Tramadol for the throbbing pain in my legs (and shoulder/arm from manually triggering the dunk tank when the kids hit the target, but not hard enough).

Another 2 Tramadol last night.

And this morning I am beat. Absolutely exhausted. I think the fibromyalgia is flaring, but it has been difficult to tell with the autoimmune disease on board.

I’m thinking its going to take me a few more days to get over it.

But it was worth it. Just seeing the beaming smile on Sunshine’s face was worth it. Just seeing how much fun the older kids had in a water balloon fight was worth it.

And I’ll probably do it again next year, although I might take a chair…


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