Now that the “move” has had a few days to sink in…I’m feeling a little bit of relief.

I’ll miss having my own space.  I’ll miss my privacy.  But I don’t have to worry about food.  Yes, I’m on food stamps, but the amount I get does not cover what this growing family eats.  Maybe about two weeks tops.

And I won’t have the threat of eviction hanging over my head every month.

We still will be having to pay to get out of our lease, but at least we won’t have to worry about basics and all of our money can be going toward a new place.

Or getting out of the last one.

Still overwhelmed at the prospect of getting this place movable in a few weeks.

I’m out of Lyrica again, and eagerly awaiting my refill.  So far I’m very tired and the pain is kicking back up.

And I’m trying to do something fun with the kids every day.  Pool, creek, museums (on free day) etc.

So I’m just worn out.  I’m scared.

But Sunshine is excited.  Its the best of all worlds for her.  She gets her grandparents, her parents under the same roof and gets to go to a new school all at the same time.  A school where she already has friends, thanks to Girl Scouts.

So she is thrilled.

As the plan is to rent a house after we get back on our feet, we told her we can get a dog when that happens.

I just think back the last 10 years.  I made some pretty poor decisions regarding marriage, relationships, money.

I’m amazed that I’m basically content.  I’m happy in  my marriage.  That makes such a huge difference.

Positive thinking:  school is almost back in session for Sunshine (as much as I love her, I do not have the energy to be a source of entertainment all day).  Maybe, after all this is done, we can get a house and maybe (eek!!) think about a baby?