I survived the great move of 2013

So far…so good..

I really surprised myself with what I was able to do.  There are some things that I knew I couldn’t do, so I didn’t even try…like moving furniture.

But I was able to pack and to move some boxes.  I wasn’t slowing things down.  And that is good enough for me.

The first night we moved in here, I took a LONG LONG bubble bath to help with the muscle soreness.  It helped because the next day I could actually move everything.

Day 2 went much better.  I’m still in pain, but it is not unbearable at this point.

I went to yoga today with Sunshine.  Probably the most stressful yoga class I have ever been to.  Sunshine was one of the oldest kids at the Yogatime! class for kids and mommies.  And she was one of the best behaved.  But I didn’t get the usual benefit that I get from a nice, peaceful class.  Oh well.  I’ll have to go again soon.

I am walking every night with my husband.  He’s Mr. Super Athlete, he boxes, runs and played rugby in high school.  He’s going to start training for a marathon.  I haven’t tried to run yet, just a brisk walk is enough to get my blood pumping.  But I’m doing more and more each time we go.

And I work all this month.  Only four to six hours a day, but its something.  And it will definitely help the financial issues.

We will see how this week goes.  Hopefully our cat Punkin survives meeting my parent’s dogs.  Punkin hasn’t really left our bedroom much, but the dogs know she is there, and she knows they are there.  Its just a matter of time before the fireworks start.

Thank you for reading and for all he supportive comments.  I really appreciate them.


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