The Halloween hangover


I survived my Halloween “adult trick or treating” as Sunshine would call it.  I was out on Sixth street in Austin until about 2 am.  And I loved it.  

We haven’t been “out” like that since our wedding (June 2012).  So it was great to dress up and join the masses of crazy people in Austin.

I looked amazing.  I won’t post pics here, I know Sunshine’s sperm donor probably still reads this blog.

But I was decked out.

I just loved seeing everyone in their costumes, seeing people having fun.  Listening to music.  Quasi dancing with my husband.  

I was permitted to sleep until 11 today…thanks to my husband and the rest of the family understanding.  

This was a big deal to me.  I was able to go out for hours, in boots, have a few drinks and stay out late and I’m not dead today.  That’s progress.

No way on this earth I would have been able to do this a few months ago.  Let alone a year ago.

I guess one of the really shitty things about chronic illness is giving up things that were enjoyable.  Not that I was particularly athletic before the fibro, but I could shop, hang out with friends, etc without needing a nap an hour in.

I also know that I am getting older (and so is my husband).  We can’t hang with the 20 somethings anymore.  But just having the health to be able to try is wonderful.

So I’m just resting.  I’m just recovering.

This week it is now Sunshine’s turn…bring on the Trick or Treating!


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