Body art

I got a tattoo when I was 17.  Its a tramp stamp (just like everyone else of that era).  It hurt, but it didn’t scar, didn’t get infected.  I probably had some hints that my body wasn’t normal at that time, namely the intense shaking that wracked my body during the application of the tattoo, but I was blissfully unaware of my eventual chronic illness(es).

I have always wanted another one (or more). Not  because I like marking up my body, but I feel that it is a form of self expression.  I vowed never to get cartoon characters, questionable quotes or anything I wouldn’t want on my body for infinity.

My brother’s friend has a tattoo of a condom wrapper on his hip.  Classy.  That is not me.

One of my friends is an artist.  She is having a “tattoo party” this weekend, and I’m scheduled to get one.  She drew me the tattoo that I want.  Sunshine.  I think it is very fitting.

I’m planning to get it on my upper back, between my shoulder blades.

I have been reading up on tattoos again, and the issue of autoimmune disease came up.  I’m asking the tattoo artist if he is comfortable doing work on someone with my health history.  I haven’t heard back yet.

I guess the main issue is scarring.  Again, it is not know exactly what I have.  I have an autoimmune disease that is primarily affecting my eyes, but they are unsure if it is localized to just my eyes.  I do scar and keloid, but I did that prior to diagnosis.  I had no problems getting my initial tattoo.

I am not currently on steroids or any other immunosuppresants.

Any stories y’all want to share?  Anyone get body ink after diagnosis?  Thank you!!