Note to self: you are 31, not 21

The Los Lonely Boys perform at Austin Fanfest in Austin, Texas 11/15/13

The Los Lonely Boys perform at Austin Fanfest in Austin, Texas 11/15/13



I’m recovering.  Again.

I went out Friday night to celebrate my friend’s recent liberation from an oppressive, douchy, Kentuckian regime.  It is also race weekend in Austin.  Perfect time to meet people from all over the world.

And one of my favorite bands on the planet was playing a free show.

So I ventured out, in my cowboy boots, into downtown Austin.  The boots were a mistake.  I always say that, yet I always like wearing them.  Ugh.

The concert was amazing.  Music is a very potent part of my life, and the Los Lonely Boys (especially their debut album) have played a significant role.  I have seen them five or six times in concert, and I love it every time.

After the show, my friend and I hightailed it up to 6th street to party with the thousands of people in town for the race.  Apparently Austin has the only Formula 1 raceway in the United States, one of three in this hemisphere from what I understand, so race weekend is a big deal.

We met Brits, Aussies, Ruskies, Frenchies and Mexicans from Mexico.  Not to mention the domestic partiers who were just in town to party and had no clue it was race weekend (California and New York).

It was a blast.  I love talking to people from other parts of the world. I have no idea how many times I said “I would love to go there” about someone’s hometown.

I learned that French women aren’t all thin, Brits hate being called “Harry Potter”, and the Mexicans from Mexico are completely different from the “Texicans” here.

And we were treated to several different impression as to what they thought all Texans were like.  Think “yee haw” and guns.

I also learned that I shouldn’t do jagerbombs.

Or shots of tequila.

What is very interesting to me is that 10 years ago when I was supposed to be doing this stuff, I was under my own oppressive, abusive regime (but one from Fayettenam, Pennsylvania).  He was nearly a decade older and had already “been there, done that” so therefor I was not permitted.

It is wonderful to have the freedom, support, and love of my husband that I can go out with my friends, make some poor health decisions, and not be guilted into oblivion because of someone’s jealousy and insecurities.  My husband texted me “have fun honey, be safe”, whereas my recently liberated friend was STILL harassed via text by her ex.

And I reciprocate as well.  Everyone needs time out to relax and have fun.  And alcohol isn’t evil in a safe environment.

We were completely safe, took the train down and a cab home.  And due to the jagerbombs (Jagermeister and Red Bull) I twilight slept for maybe three hours.  Total.  My heart didn’t stop pounding until last night.

And I was unable to get my tattoo.  I was honestly concerned about the blood thinning properties with the alcohol.  So it has been rescheduled.  And I will definitely post pics of the artwork.

Lessons learned:  Red Bull is the devil.  Cowboy boots should not be worn down town.  Race week is fun and I have an amazing friend.  And I’m getting OLD!!