A fibro Thanksgiving

I think I overdid it.  Again.

Left knee is KILLING me.  It is a stabbing pain in the middle of my knee cap.  I don’t remember twisting it or jerking it.  So I’m taking it easy today (at least exercise wise) while I try to figure out what is going on.

I didn’t really contribute to last year’s Thanksgiving, because I was too sick.

This year, I’m doing the stuffing and the mashed potatoes.  Oh and I made Steeler cupcakes because they are playing tomorrow night.  And my family loves the Dallas Cowboys.  Just have to remind them who has the most Superbowl wins.

I make my stuffing and potatoes from scratch, so I’m trying to do as much as I can a head of time.

Also, my mom is determined to make this “the most perfect Thanksgiving in the universe” so she is running around here like a turkey with their head cut off.  I think she has rearranged the dining room three times now.

We are expecting around 20 people.

So I did the cupcakes this morning.  It was also a practice run for the cupcakes I’m making for Sunshine’s upcoming birthday.  I just wanted to make sure they turned out ok before the big day.

I chopped the celery, herbs, onions and garlic.  My eyes are still watering.

Sunshine is the “bread” girl, in charge of putting the bread out to stale and turning it over to make sure each side stales evenly.

My mom is doing the turkey, and the rest of our guests bring something.  It should be fun.  I just hope that people can behave for company.

Good Lord.  The several hours I spent on my feet already have NOT helped the knee situation.  No swelling.  Just pain.  I hope it isn’t indicative of something more seriously wrong.  Like RA.  Hopefully it is just overuse.

I’m learning to shake off the constant criticism.  I was asked to clean the bathroom, and again, I explained that I already agreed with my husband that he would take that duty, since the chemicals give me a migraine.  Again, she pretended not to remember that very specific issue I have with strong smells, especially chemical ones.  So I continued with the prep that I CAN do.

If I hear “it is my house, I’ll yell when I want to” one more time, I think I may start yelling.  She yells at inanimate objects, the animals, us, Sunshine.  I don’t want Sunshine subjected to the constant yelling.  Its not good for her.  She is beginning to have issues in school, and recently confided to her teacher about all the stuff going on in the house.  I have a meeting scheduled next week with both her teacher and therapist.

I’m debating on if I should even broach the subject with my parents.  I don’t want Sunshine to continue to suffer, but I’m concerned that voicing my complaints will earn me a spot at the homeless shelter.  I have been threatened several times with expulsion for seemingly minor infractions.

So I hope tomorrow goes well.  I hope that the police don’t need to make an appearance.  I hope that my mother remembers she’s an adult, and that others are entitled to their opinion.  Judging by the screaming match that erupted at dinner the other night (about the news reports of the “knockout game”)  I am really concerned.

Hope you all have a pleasant, pain free, fatigue free holiday!!

PS:  I’ve dropped 20lbs since August!!



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