Sunshine plays hookey

Sunshine is now in the 1st grade.  Ever since she had her tonsils out last year, she has been fairly healthy.  I honestly don’t think she has missed a day of school since last fall for illness.

This past weekend she was complaining of feeling “hot”, stuffy nose, sore throat.

I’m a nurse so I’m the kind of mom that says “unless you are bleeding out or continually vomiting, you are going to school”.  If she complains about being sick in the morning with essentially no symptoms, I still convince her to go by saying “just give it a try, if you are too sick to learn, go and see the nurse and she will call me.”

But my mom and my husband pointed out that sometimes kids just need a break.

So when Sunshine started complaining last night of the same symptoms, feeling hot, sore throat, etc.  I checked her out (no fever, no red throat).  I’m convinced its allergies.

So this morning she looked pitiful in bed and asked to stay home.  I made it clear to her that staying home would mean she is confined to her room for the day.  No outside, no park, no playing with friends.  She said she was feeling yucky, she did have a stuffy nose, so I let her stay home.

Now she is wide awake.  She says “I’m not sick anymore!” and wants to do things.

And to top it off, my mother says “where do you think she learns to play sick?” Inferring both that I’m a horrible mother, that I’m “playing sick” and that I’m teaching my bad habits to my child.


So I’m angry.  I’m not feeling so hot myself (I actually DO have a red throat) and now I have to entertain a hooky playing six year old and listen to my mother’s snarky comments all day.