Day 3

Why do you blog?

I started blogging as sort of an electronic outlet for my frustrations and anxieties with chronic illness.  I have kept a written journal for at least 20 years, and writing is very cathartic for me.

I also felt so completely alone (and still do sometimes) with my chronic illness.  Especially since it isn’t a common disease and there aren’t many treatments for it.

I truly believe that a person cannot truly understand where another person is coming from unless they have experienced it themselves.  There are just some things associated with chronic illness that can’t be explained to a healthy person.  They really have no frame of reference for it.

They have no clue what it feels like to wake up feeling awful every morning.  They don’t know about the disappointment, the mourning that goes with finding out your body has failed you and that you will never be the same again.

Many people don’t understand the sheer amount of energy it takes to exist.  The weariness associated with something as mundane as going grocery shopping or even taking a shower.

So I try to use this blog to vent my frustrations.  I hope that others can relate.

I also attempt to educate.  A large part of being a nurse is educating patients about their bodies.  Sharing the knowledge I have attained via school and a decade of experience to help others make decisions about their health.  I feel that through this blog I can do that as well.

I try not to complain too much.  I do try to share the good as well as the bad.  I hope that I’m not coming off as a complainer, a whiner.  These last 18 months haven’t been too fantastic.  But I hope to even out the complaining with the good stuff.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. “Many people don’t understand the sheer amount of energy it takes to exist.”

    Exactly! It is so hard to get people to understand but honestly, I didn’t get it myself until I was knocked off my feet with Fibromyalgia. I don’t wish illness on anyone but sometimes I do think “if they could only walk a mile in my shoes”!!

    • I agree completely. My mom doesn’t understand why I get exhausted from going to doctor’s appointments or running to the grocery store. Just the entire ordeal of getting up, getting dressed, driving somewhere, waiting or walking around is exhausting!!

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