Day 5

Share the best advice you’ve ever got:

In May of 2009, my life completely changed.  I found out some information that lead to the demise of my first marriage.  I had been planning on leaving for awhile, almost a year, but the whole “we have a daughter together” kept me in place.

One day I had enough.  My parents recently moved to Texas, and I called them asking if I could come for a visit.  No problem.

I originally planned to return to Pittsburgh.  I had a job, I had friends and I wanted to rekindle my relationship with a good friend who eventually became my husband.  He was living in the northeast at the time, and I thought that if I wanted to pursue anything more than a friendship, I would have to be nearby.

My mom was talking to my uncle on the phone while I was contemplating my future.  She was filling him in on what happened, and that I was debating on going back to Pittsburgh.

He had her put me on the phone.

He said “you have an chance here to start your life over.  Do not jeopardize that because you want to pursue another relationship.  If he wants to be with you, he will find a way to be with you”.

And he was 100% correct.  I decided to stay in Texas.  To start my life over.  My relationship with my friend grew and he moved to Texas early in 2010.  We married in 2012.  Both of us have amazing opportunities here that we wouldn’t have had living in the northeast.  A higher standard of living, better health, better mental health from the distance between ourselves and our exs.

So I credit my uncle with setting me straight.  Opening my eyes to the big picture.

I know for a fact that if I returned to Pittsburgh, it would have been awful.  Just dealing with my ex from 1500 miles away has been horrendous.

I am eternally grateful for his advice.