Day 15

Tell me:  How are you like your ma/pa?

Despite our difficulties, I can readily identify the traits I share with my parents.

Apparently, I have my mom’s facial features.  People have seen us and said “I can tell you are related”.  Which is strange, to me at least, because when it comes to physical features, I am a copy of my dad.

My mom is Polish/Irish, with blond hair, green eyes.  Obviously she’s white.

My dad is Mexican.  Dark hair, eyes, skin.

I look just like my dad.

My dad is quiet.  He loves reading, especially history books and zombies.  I’m just like him in that regard.

My mom is very dramatic.  Very opinionated, and very free with her opinion about everything and everyone.  Although I can be dramatic, I rarely share my opinion unless directly asked.

Like both of them, I became a nurse.

Like both of them, I am a die hard Steelers fan.  And like my dad, I’m a fanatical Penguins fan.  My mom likes hockey, but she doesn’t watch nearly every game like I do.

I’m a good cook, like my mom.  My dad’s specialty is breakfast.

Sunshine looks like her grandma.  People seriously ask if she is adopted.  When I lived in Pgh, people looked at me like I was the nanny i.e. “where did you steal that white baby from?”

Sunshine will never be called “quiet” in her life.  In that regard, she takes after her grandma.  But she has an enduring love for animals, and one of her favorite things to do is to take the dogs for a walk with my dad.

It’s interesting to see the traits that Sunshine has inherited.

And I hope Sunshine doesn’t take after myself and her grandfather with the autoimmune disease.


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