Day 16

What’s the thing you’ve wanted to do but haven’t (yet)?

I’ve mentioned this on days 12 & 13 before.  I want to further my education in some way.  Currently, I am not in the financial position (or the health position) to do that.

I also want to have another baby.

I want to experience with my husband all the things I missed out the first time around.  Mainly, someone being excited about a new child, being eager to share in the ups and downs of pregnancy.  I want to experience raising a child in a non-abusive situation.  To know what it feels like to have an equal partner from the start.

My husband is a phenomenal father.  To his son and to my daughter.  There is no distinction for him whatsoever.  As there is none with me when my bonus son is here.  I am so lucky to have found someone who is willing to parent a child that didn’t come from them.

With my ongoing health issues, it is unclear if I will ever have another baby.  We have both agreed that if it doesn’t happen “naturally” we will be ok with that.

I haven’t been on birth control in years, so it’s looking quite unlikely.  But who knows…maybe we’ll be surprised.

2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. My wife and I wanted a baby at one point, but it didn’t happen for us. And now in retrospect, I am glad that we were not given that gift to be parents. With my medical conditions, I am not sure just how much of an active parent I would be. And to be quite honest, I watch my friends with kids and see how stressed and tired they are, and they don’t have the freedom to come and go as we do. I think that sometimes the biggest gift of all is not getting what you wish for.

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