Day 22

Tell me:  What do you want to do for a living?

My dream job is to review books for a living.  And to get PAID decently to do it.  I absolutely love reading.  And if I could ever find a way to get paid to do it….wow.  Right now I get paid in books, essentially, someone sends me their book for free in exchange for a review.  So that’s pretty good.

As a nurse, I would love to be some type of a “healthcare navigator” to people who are chronically ill.  Yes, they do have these positions available, but many of them are through health insurance companies, and not located in this area.  The problem with working for corporate health companies is that they want ROI (return on investment), which I understand, but you can’t quantify what nurses do in terms of money.

One company I worked for in a position similar to what I would want had all of these algorithms to determine just how much my time and advice was worth to the customer, the insurance company.  I hated being told that I couldn’t talk for longer than 10-15 minutes, that I had to hit these specific talking points, that I was restricted as to the things I could talk about.

I envision something like what I would have needed when I first got sick.  What is this disease, what are the treatments, what is the research, who are the doctors in my area that can help me?  How can I use my insurance (if they have it) to treat this illness.  What are some other resources in my area, how can I afford this?

I envision it all in one location, one person that knows the story and can navigate the person through the maze that is healthcare.  It would have to be mostly independent in order to truly serve the client, and not the insurance company.

So if anyone has an MBA and is willing to help find funding for this venture, or knows of a company that does things like this, let me know.