It’s been awhile…


Let’s see.  Last time I wrote it was summer.  I think.

Well, alot has changed since then.

My husband had surgery to his nether regions in July….and it definitely had unintended (but wonderful) side effects…

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with a little girl.  And this pregnancy hasn’t been as easy as the one with Sunshine.  I’m just now starting to get out of the whole “nausea/puke/sleep” phase of the first trimester.

So blogging hasn’t been a priority for the past four months.

I will say that the fibro is definitely better with pregnancy, as it was with Sunshine.  Although the six weeks it took me to come off of Lyrica and Topamax was awful.

And this pregnancy came with migraines.  Something I didn’t have at all with Sunshine.

They aren’t the blinding, must-lay-in-bed ones that I had pre-pregnancy. But they come with worse nausea and increased fatigue.  I’ve been in the ER twice this pregnancy to get fluids and help getting rid of the migraine.  So far they have lessened, but I’m averaging at least once a week.  I was up to three a week during the first trimester.

So far my eyes are holding up.  I was warned around 6 weeks when I had my regular follow up with the eye doc that my eyes will probably worsen.  I’m seeing floaters, but its not bad enough to affect my visual field.  I follow up with eye doc next week.

But this is definitely a surprise and very, very, wanted.  Sunshine was a bit hostile at first…but after she found out it was a girl, she has warmed up considerably.  I take her to my OB appts, especially the sonograms, and I think that has helped her get used to the idea.

So my posts will be definitely few and far between.  But I just wanted to post an update.