Day 20

Something you are trying to figure out..

How to write a book.  I would love to write a book about my experiences as a teenager, relationships, my love story with my husband.  I want to write a book about my husband and his friends and their crazy exploits.  I have journals full of ideas.  I have even started a timeline and outlines.

I just get discouraged.  Look at Amazon.  There are millions of books on there for every genre, situation, idea.  I get 5-10 review requests per day with someone asking me to review their self published book.

I am not a trained writer, the last English class I took was in 2000.  Although I know how to express myself coherently, I have no idea how to structure it into a decent story.

The goal is to get SOMETHING written before I’m 40.  Even if it is just for me.