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The previous post must have jinxed me.

I woke up this morning feeling as if a Mack truck plowed me over during the night.  Although this sensation isn’t new, I have had it for nearly 7 years, it was more intense today than it had been all week.

I blame the exercise.  Or the lack of fibro medication in my system.  Or a combination of both.

Needless to say, it was one of those “bed” days.  And I had to take pain medication.  I hate taking pain medication.

The sensation that I know with certainty is  fibro related is the severe, local “vibrations” of pain throughout my tissues when I collide with some object by accident.  So far today it has been the door frame, the lower left hand corner of the freezer, and the corner of a table.  The pain is enough to make me gasp, and it continues to resonate for the next few minutes.  I usually curse.

While I was on Lyrica, these types of sensations were minimized.  But lately it is as if my nerves are on high alert, and any type of mildly uncomfortable contact is greatly exaggerated.

I did do some stretching, and that seemed to relieve some of the discomfort and heaviness in my legs.  I also had an encore of RLS.  Lovely.

I’ll give it another try tomorrow.  After a *hopefully* good night’s rest, I plan to hit the gym.  But perhaps I’ll tone down the workout a little.  Shorten the time or intensity.  And I am fortunate that I have the flexibility in my schedule to do two or three small exercise sessions in comparison to a prolonged session.

And I need my Lyrica!!