Halloween hangover

The morning after!

Well, it is the morning after Halloween. Sunshine definitely overdid it. Maybe she should have read some of my previous posts about overdoing it and conserving energy.

In true Sunshine fashion, she had a wardrobe change midway through the day.  First, she was Pinkalicious (from the books) and then she transformed to a fairy for the evening.

As for me, I slapped on some wings and called myself “The fairy of chronic illness”.

Sunshine’s friend came over and my dad took them both around the neighborhood to Trick or Treat.

My suggestion of  Sunshine going to just a few houses and then coming back to hand out candy was overruled (that happens a lot at my parent’s house, its like all rhyme and reason stops at the front door as well as Mommy’s rules).  She was out from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  In her teeny weeny costume.  Fantastic.

She was running around, yelling, singing, dancing, I just knew it would be trouble for me this morning.  And I was right.  I hate it when I’m right about these things.

Child woke up this morning and couldn’t swallow.  Face is swollen.  No fever, but her breath could rival a zombie’s.  She is not having the easiest recovery from this tonsillectomy.

So I gave her some medication, rocked with her for awhile until it kicked in and she was able to swallow.  And the pushing of the fluids  begins again.

She really wants to go back to school.  In the worst way.  She was also crying this morning and begging to go back to school.  I can’t send her if she can’t swallow.

My husband (her STEPfather) has volunteered with a program they have at the school to provide a positive male influence for the children.  Today is his assigned day to be in the class, help with drop off time, lunch, etc.  So he went even though she didn’t.  I am so proud of him.  So Sunshine really wanted to be there to show off her “Daddy”.

I guess she is like me.  When she temporarily feels better, she pushes it to the max.  She doesn’t realize she is overexerting herself.  And then she wakes up the next day worse than the day before.  Its this vicious cycle of one step forward, two steps back.  My poor baby.

As for me, I am further down the path of learning my limits.  I handed out candy, and that even zonked me.  Sitting in one position for two hours as it gradually got chilly did a number on my joints.  I was so stiff all over when I finally did move, I had to take a moment to unfreeze my joints so I could move properly.  And it was painful.

But the migraine went away yesterday afternoon.  I’m kind of in that after-haze of a migraine where it has the possibility to come back.  I definitely tempted my blood vessels and nerves by eating Halloween candy.  Chocolate is a well established trigger for me.  Oh and I ate a hot dog.  But it was nitrate free.  I should know better.

So we are taking it easy today.  I’m going to put us both to bed in a minute.  Sunshine doesn’t know the meaning of “rest”.  So I shall teach her.  The child does not need to be in perpetual motion.

I’m just not used to Sunshine being sick.  And it is very difficult to take care of a recovering child when you sick yourself.

But Sunshine did get A LOT of candy.  That she can’t eat.  Yum !

** I’m not that mean, I’ll save some for her.  But like all parents know, you have to “test” the candy and remove the “dangerous” items.  Namely Reese’s cups, Milky Way bars and Kit Kats.


Too good to be true..


I spoke too soon. Sunshine woke up several times through the night screaming in pain. Fantastic.

I was hit with a severe wave of pain yesterday afternoon that nearly took my breath away. It was 7-8 on the pain scale and located in my fingers, elbows and shoulders. An aching, throbbing wave of pain.

I still managed to ice 4 dozen  pumpkin cookies for Sunshine’s teacher appreciation lunch today.


And I started on a migraine last night and I can’t find my migraine pills and I may actually be out of them. They are $50 for 18 pills. I don’t have that kind of money with rent being due this week.

Sunshine is the priority. No school today for her. I called the doc, he said she might be getting dehydrated, she might have overextended herself yesterday in her first day back. He said she needs to be eating and drinking constantly. So I have been sitting in the living room with her since 6 a.m. coaxing her to eat and drink. She despises the chloraseptic throat spray, so I gave her the hard hitting pain medicine (that winds her up instead of knocking her out).

Every five minutes “Sunshine, take a sip, Sunshine, take a bite”. I foresee it will be a long, long, long day.

Oh and its Halloween. Her school has “Dress up as your favorite book character day” instead of just regular costumes. She was going as Pinkalicious.


I worked really hard to find the parts of a costume for this. Oh well. And she was supposed to be Tinkerbell tonight for Trick or Treat. She may get to go to a few houses in my parents neighborhood, but I think she might be handing out candy instead. She can’t eat any of the candy anyway, unless I melt it down for her.

I’m really trying to stay positive. I just feel awful, the pain and a budding migraine. And I feel for my daughter, as I have had my tonsils out and it sucks. But I understood what I needed to do to stay out of the hospital. Sunshine really doesn’t. So I have to sit here, despite my own issues, and argue with her over every bite, every sip.

Halloween used to be a big deal to me.  I used to love dressing up, even as an adult.  Just something little, maybe butterfly wings or a tiara.  I do still have angel wings from last year that I may wear tonight.  I might drag out my wedding dress (it doesn’t look like a traditional wedding dress, it was custom made) and pair it with the angel wings.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I missed out on my Halloween tradition of going downtown to participate in the annual “marching of the  freaks” that happens in Austin every year.  I love people watching.  I do that even without Halloween.  But I totally enjoy seeing everyone’s costumes.  And being a college town, there is some real creativity out there.

So here’s to hoping this day gets better.  Its supposed to be beautiful weather.  Birds are singing.  I get to spend more time with Sunshine (even if most of it will be coaxing her to drink and eat).  And I made amazing cookies this week.

I hope I don’t eat them all 🙂