Day 14

Memories:  Been to any concerts?

I absolutely love live music.  I haven’t been to many concerts, not like my husband, but I’ve been to a few.  My favorite live act is Pearl Jam.  They are incredible live.  I’ve seen them at least three times.  I’m pissed I couldn’t afford to see them on this latest tour.

My favorite concert memory is attending a Metallica show in 1999 with the man who is now my husband.

He was visiting me, and he had just seen Metallica in Philly the week before.

He heard that they were in Pittsburgh, and wanted to see if we could get lawn seats to the show.

We ended up in the front row.

In the middle of the show, a thunderstorm rolled through the area.  It was amazing hearing (and seeing Metallica) and have Mother Nature put on a show as well.

Even though I was there with my boyfriend at the time as well, that show holds special memories for me.

And my boyfriend at the time and I are still friends to this day.

Day 11

Your favorite:  10 songs right now

In no particular order…

Eminem f. Rihanna Monster

Eminem Rap God

Lorde Royals

The Who Love Reign O’er Me

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball (don’t judge me, I have a 7 year old girl)

Adele One and Only

Pearl Jam Reviewmirror

Pearl Jam Present Tense

Justin Timberlake Suit & Tie

The Lumineers Ho Hey