E: Exercise



Yes, exercise is good for me.  But I pretty much hate it.  I am not one of these fitness nuts.  I have never been athletic.  I have always been a klutz.  But I do know that it helps what is wrong with me, and that sitting on the couch isn’t good for anyone.

But through experience, I have learned that going hard is not good for my body.  I have to start low and go slow.  I have to do low impact.  Even when I’m feeling better I have to watch that I don’t overdo it because I will feel worse.  Because then I won’t walk for days.

Yoga is good for fibro and autoimmune.  Walking is good.  Swimming is good.  Boxing is not good.  Neither is running.  Even the elliptical at the gym is way too high impact for me.  I have learned this from experience.  Painful experience.

I do have a goal of learning krav maga one day, but that is far off.  I know that I have to build up my body before I can even entertain that idea.

But it is spring.  It is a time of renewal.  And hopefully after the winter that never ended I will be back to yoga.

Snap, crackle, pop

I’m not talking about the cereal here.

I’m talking about the sounds I make in yoga class.

Since I have been off steroids, I have been making a concerted effort to be more active.

My parents live next to a “green belt” (for those of you unfamiliar, it basically mean “the woods”) and there are walking trails.

And EVERYBODY and their mother, dog and children are out in the evenings and mornings running or walking.  This has to be the most physically fit place I have ever lived.

My ultimate goal is to be able to go to one of my husband’s boxing classes and make it through the entire class without dying.  I’m tentatively setting this goal for next summer.

He finally came to a yoga class with me today.  And he wants to go back.

Yoga has seriously been the best exercise for me since my fibro diagnosis almost 8 years ago.

I started it in my teens and would go to class as time allows.

Mostly every day I have done some sort of stretching.  Either in bed, in a chair, or out on the floor with a mat.

I have been able to keep up with the regular classes, going to the “gentle” classes when I was on methotrexate.

That is one thing I would recommend to anyone with fibro.  Find a “gentle” yoga class.  Go.  Yes, you will feel muscles you never knew you had before, and you will be sore for a few days, but if you do light stretching the next day, it helps.

The endorphins released during this type of exercise really helps with the pain.  The meditation helps as well.  And maintaining flexibility is paramount to having the use of all of your muscles as you age with this disease

A very positive day today (so far).  I’m helping out with Sunshine’s Daisy troop later in the day.  10 shrieking, active, little girls.  Wish me luck..

I survived the great move of 2013

So far…so good..

I really surprised myself with what I was able to do.  There are some things that I knew I couldn’t do, so I didn’t even try…like moving furniture.

But I was able to pack and to move some boxes.  I wasn’t slowing things down.  And that is good enough for me.

The first night we moved in here, I took a LONG LONG bubble bath to help with the muscle soreness.  It helped because the next day I could actually move everything.

Day 2 went much better.  I’m still in pain, but it is not unbearable at this point.

I went to yoga today with Sunshine.  Probably the most stressful yoga class I have ever been to.  Sunshine was one of the oldest kids at the Yogatime! class for kids and mommies.  And she was one of the best behaved.  But I didn’t get the usual benefit that I get from a nice, peaceful class.  Oh well.  I’ll have to go again soon.

I am walking every night with my husband.  He’s Mr. Super Athlete, he boxes, runs and played rugby in high school.  He’s going to start training for a marathon.  I haven’t tried to run yet, just a brisk walk is enough to get my blood pumping.  But I’m doing more and more each time we go.

And I work all this month.  Only four to six hours a day, but its something.  And it will definitely help the financial issues.

We will see how this week goes.  Hopefully our cat Punkin survives meeting my parent’s dogs.  Punkin hasn’t really left our bedroom much, but the dogs know she is there, and she knows they are there.  Its just a matter of time before the fireworks start.

Thank you for reading and for all he supportive comments.  I really appreciate them.

Moving Day…

Good Lord I’m in pain today…

Trying to empty four years of crap from a three bedroom apartment and squish it into a storage locker.

I went to yoga the other day.  First time in nearly six months.  Apparently the steroids have taken their toll on my body.  I have never been this weak before.

Trying to hold the poses, my body would quake.  The instructor explained that my deep muscles are probably very weak and my superficial muscles are struggling to keep me upright.

It was difficult,  but I made it through the class.  And now I’m aching in muscles I forgot I had.

I’m planning to go back on Monday.  I’ll need it after the next two days.

I worked my ass off packing yesterday.  I accomplished way more than I thought my body could handle.

It is no where near complete, but at least we have some time to get it done.

I’m not ecstatic to be moving back in with my parents at the age of 31, but you know what?  It could be worse.

I know I’m blessed to have supportive parents (they are supportive most of the time).  I’m happy that I have somewhere to go and do not have to move in to Section 8 housing.  I’m thrilled that Sunshine is going to an amazing school, even if we are probably the only family getting free lunches.

I’m thrilled to have amazing friends.  My neighbor and her husband are helping us move today.  I have so much support through FB and my friends that live close by.

And I am eternally grateful to have an awesome husband.  Being in love, understanding each other, communicating effectively makes this all much, much easier.  He looks out for me.  He protects me.  If I look like I need a break, he tells me to rest.  He understands that my body doesn’t work as well as his.  He encourages me to do better, to do yoga, to walk, to stretch.  I couldn’t ask for a  better partner in life.

And Sunshine.  She has been through SOOOO much.  This is her sixth move in as many years.  She is happy, she is healthy, she is taking all of this change in stride.  Yes, she has her moments.  She bursts into tears, she pouts.  Its understandable.  But overall, she is a wonderful little trooper.

And thank you, my readers, for your support.  I love the comments I receive.  I went into this blogging thing with the intention of helping others in the same position.  What I found was an amazing wealth of support.  Thank you.

And back to the boxes…

This is the flu that doesn’t end..



This is the flu that doesn’t end,
Yes it goes on and on my friend!
Somebody infected me, not knowing what it was,
And it is lingering forever just because,
This is the flu that doesn’t end…

Sorry for putting that song in your head (for those of you who know what its from). This is the longest I’ve felt ill with a cold/flu in a number of years (well, since the H1N1 debacle of 2009).

I felt better yesterday, and possibly did too much, so maybe that is why I feel like hell today.

I can breathe, which is always a plus, but I feel so sluggish and sleepy. And I stopped the NyQuil two days ago.

I took a three hour nap in the middle of the day. I haven’t done that in least a month or so.

And there is still a lot of pressure in my head, judging from the constant ear popping.

I am also experiencing a sore throat today, which is rare for me since I had my tonsils ripped from my skull 10 years ago.

I already feel sick 24/7 as it is.  I despise feeling “extra sick”.

I’m also pissed that I was doing so well with the exercise almost everyday for two weeks.  This illness has stopped that momentum dead it its tracks.

I have the desire to do yoga.  I have done some stretching in the last week, but I haven’t gone to yoga class or done a structured yoga video since Feb. 15.

The good thing is that I got to skip my weekly dose of poison due to the immune system implications.  WOO HOO!!

So, hopefully I feel better for the rest of the week and I can get back on that exercise plan.

Oh and my “healthy” eating took a break too.  I wasn’t actually eating ANYTHING so I put the diet on hold.  I have been eating oranges everyday (some times more than once a day) because I know the vitamin C helps.  The added folic acid can also help as well.

I am still drinking mostly water, but I have slipped in terms of sweets (I felt well enough to make my famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies yesterday).

I hate these carb cravings and I’m actually counting down the days to my next eye appointment.  With the increased dosage of methotrexate (15 mg given SC q week), the docs are hoping that the inflammation in my eyes (and hopefully the increased pressure) will decrease.  If that happens, I might be able to taper off of the steroids completely.

Even though I’m putting in the effort, I feel that I may not see any kind of results with the weight until I am completely off that medication.  My fingers are so puffy I can no longer wear my wedding rings 😦

I’ll continue trying.  That’s about all I can do…right?


© Seema_illustrator | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Seema_illustrator | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

I am on my third day in a row of doing yoga. I don’t know why I just started with yoga to begin with.

When I first got sick, in 2005, while I wasn’t able to go to work, I went to yoga class three times per week. I have always continued to use some of the concepts I learned during that time.

Sunshine had a Girl Scout outing this past weekend, and it was to a local yoga studio. Sunshine also likes yoga, and I used to catch her doing just like Mommy in her crib. You would see her little tush on the video screen doing downward facing dog.

So after I went to the yoga outing with Sunshine, I decided to go on my own.

I didn’t have any available time until this morning, so on Monday and Tuesday I did my own yoga at home.

I followed a video I found on youtube, and it kicked my butt.

Maybe I shouldn’t have clicked on the video that said “yoga for weight loss”.

It was an amazing workout, and I felt ok enough to do it again the next day.

And this morning, finally, a “gentle” yoga class. I’m not too sore this evening, although I am exhausted. The difference between “gentle” yoga and regular yoga, I’m finding out, is that the instructor takes it very slow. The different poses are less taxing, and she allows ample time to ease into them. Also, she gives suggestions for modification of the poses if health conditions won’t allow for the full pose.

In now way was I shortchanged by doing “gentle” yoga. The instructor was focusing on the hips and core today, and I seriously felt my left hip loosen for the first time in years. Probably since the last time I did yoga. And its almost 12 hours later and my hips are still loose.

So I’m feeling muscles I didn’t know I had, but this is a “good hurt”. Its low level. I’ll stretch out before bed again.

I’m planning on doing a “yoga cross train” tomorrow for my arms via youtube.

Hopefully I survive that one too 🙂