Who is Sunshine?

Because this blog is so personal, I am attempting to keep is somewhat anonymous.

Until my custody issue is more settled (click here), I am choosing to keep my identity and the identity of my friends and family secret.

I will use code names for people from time to time.

Sunshine is my seven year old daughter.  I call her Sunshine, because that is what she is to me.  She is radiant, exuberant, hilarious, truly the light of my life.

I used to think that parents who said things like that were delusional or at least sappy.

But this is the truth.  Everything that child has done from birth, hell, even in utero (with the exception of the colic, that was horrific) has brought joy and light into my life.

I choose to share her stories because sometimes there are some very bleak moments when struggling through chronic illness.  Sunshine is my break from that, and I hope her radiance will warm your soul too.


2 thoughts on “Who is Sunshine?

  1. We all need a little Sunshine in our lives! Especially when dealing with chronic, daily health struggles! Let her light shine on you and within you 🙂

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