And the hits keep coming

Not a very happy 4th of July for me.

I didn’t think finances could get worse.  I was wrong.

I have yet to start the Plaquenil.  I have been six weeks without a dose of anything to kick down my overactive immune system, other than the steroids (and clearly, those are not enough).

I have been trying to conserve my eye drops, only doing them every couple of days because there are no generics available.  And they hurt.  Bad.

I got a scare this morning.

My husband wakes up at the crack of dawn to go to his primary job.  He only had the bathroom light on as he was getting ready.  There was a tiny bit of light coming through the windows.  He shuts off the bathroom light and suddenly a huge black spot appeared in my right eye.  And only my right eye.

I haven’t moved so fast in months.  I flew out of bed and into the bathroom to see if my eyes looked any different.  Nope, no visible changes.

So I tested it out again.

Yep, big black spot in the center of my vision when I shut out the light.  Fuck.

So I hastily put in my eye drops.  Endured the burn.  And finally the black spot went away.

So I’m scared.  Again.

I was crying yesterday (about financial issues) and when I was done, it looked like the insides of my eyes had fogged up.

I cleaned my glasses.  Nope.  Not dirty.

Apparently crying did something to inflame my eyes.  They are still a little foggy today.

It is really hard to be chronically ill.

Happy 4th of July.  Please consider checking out/sharing/donating at my gofundme page.

All donations are greatly appreciated.  All money goes directly to my medications, food, keeping a roof over my head.

Thank you.

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