Are you ready for some football??

I want some cookies!!

I have posted before about my religion of Steelerism. I don’t have a choice, I have been indoctrinated since birth. And so has my husband. He is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Even more hardcore than I am for the Steelers. While I love watching football, and my love of the sport has only deepened in the three years we have been together, I am not the walking sports encyclopedia that he happens to be. My husband can quote stats and plays from years ago. He remembers vividly a play from the Eagles 2005 season and I can’t remember who was even ON the Steelers roster in 2005. Its not that I’m not a fan, I’m just not on that level.

He is the type of fan who dresses up to go to the games, or even to sit on the couch. I mean face paint, the hat with the dreadlocks in his teams color and a cape. He calls it being  “Superfan”. During the games, he is so animated. With each play he can be counted on to jump up and down, cheer, or curse.  I pity our neighbors. And being that our town only worships the Longhorns, they might not understand why so much noise is being made when the Longhorns aren’t on the field.

Which brings me to this weekend. Steelers v. Eagles. We have lived through this before, in 2008. And we were unhappily married to other people at the time. But it didn’t stop him from calling me nearly every day that week to talk smack. And then calling me at halftime, and then after the game. It was a loss for the Steelers, and Ben Rothlisberger was sacked many, many, many times. My husband isn’t here right now or else he could give me the exact score of the game and how many times Ben hit the dirt. When he brings THAT game up, I routinely point out that the Steelers went on to win the Superbowl that year. I then go on to point out that the Steelers have SIX Lombardi trophies, while the Eagles have none. That usually ends the conversation. Unless he is particularly ornery and shoots back “Well, the Eagles have won championships before the merger”. Yeah, like that counts.

Anyway, we have decided to watch the game together. Due to my health issues and the fact that we have no money to send him to the bar. My daughter will be present, which should put a damper on any loud cursing. I may just watch the game in the bedroom and we can separately yell at the TV.

But it should be interesting.  We will be yelling with each play.  One will be yelling positively, one will be yelling negatively.  My only hope is that the police are not called.

I will post an update tomorrow after the game.  If I’m not in jail.  GO STEELERS!!

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